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Tim’s clients not only receive excellent customer service, they receive:

  • A strategic advocacy plan
  • Continuous monitoring of participation in the executive and legislative process
  • A continually updated “client only” Web site to track legislation of interest
  • Monthly “client only” reports during the Legislative Session
  • Articles for publication in clients’ newsletters or periodicals
  • Political consultation and advice
  • Updates on important regulatory and environmental changes
  • Continuous participation in the affairs of the Governor’s Administration
  • Proven ability to work with and help create bi-partisan coalitions

Clients include:

Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs -- is the largest deputy sheriffs’ association in the United States, representing over 8,000 Deputy Sheriffs and District Attorney Investigators in Los Angeles County. Tim has represented ALADS since 1985. www.alads.org

California Auto Dismantlers and Recyclers Alliance -- represents Southern California’s auto recyclers and dismantlers. CADRA is a new client for the firm.

California Public Parking Association -- represents the parking management and professionals of over 215 cities, counties, airports and special districts, including many private vendors. Tim has represented CPPA since 1985. www.cppaparking.org

Los Angeles Probation Department Union, AFSCME Local 685 -- is the largest probation officers’ union in the United States, representing over 4,000 deputy probation officers and staff in Los Angeles County. Tim has represented probation since 1984. www.afscme685.com

Los Angeles Police Protective League -- is the second largest (after New York City) police officers’ association in the United States, representing over 9,000 police officers in the City of Los Angeles. Tim has represented the Protective League since 1998. http://www.lapd.com

Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority -- The Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA) is a local government agency established in 1985 pursuant to the Joint Powers Act between the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, the Conejo Recreation and Park District and the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District. The MRCA manages and provides ranger and fire prevention services for public lands and parks that it owns or that are owned by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy or other agencies. It offers education and public community programs led by MRCA naturalists for thousands of youth, year-round, and works with the Conservancy and other partners to acquire parkland and to complete major park construction and improvement projects. It is working towards revitalization of the Los Angeles River and is a leader in the attempt to provide nature parks in urban areas. Vista Hermosa Park is its latest addition to the Los Angeles urban core. www.mrca.ca.gov

OCPFA stands for Orange County Professional Firefighters Association, IAFF, Local 3631 -- The Orange County Professional Firefighters’ Association, IAFF, Local s3631 represents 821 professional firefighters employed by Orange County Fire Authority and the City of Laguna Beach. It protects over 1.3 million citizens in 24 cities and unincorporated portions of Orange County. www.ocpfa3631.org

Riverside Sheriff's Association -- represents over 2,500 deputy sheriffs, district attorney investigators, probation officers, and deputy coroners - the whole Riverside County law enforcement team. Tim has represented RSA since 2000. www.rcdsa.org

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